Together we create green competitiveness

The Norwegian Centre of Circular Economy works with the opportunities that lie in further developing circular economy in practice for and between companies. Development of new business areas and utilization of waste products or residual products are work tasks the centre works on. The combination of a strong academic environment and collaboration with the most important research environments in Norway and abroad gives users of the centre a great opportunity to develop their own business with changed/new products and possible new business areas based on the green shift and the circular economy.

The Norwegian Centre of Circular Economy is for companies that, through projects based on the green shift, create innovation and profitability.


This is the basis for the centre's commitment to innovation. The centre works with the development of residual products and other types of recyclable products to be able to be used as a replacement for more resource-intensive raw materials/products. This can result in new products being created. The process will also give its assessment of how useful a new development is and how a new development can be utilized.

The interaction between the advisory service and the test laboratory will be able to provide the necessary basis for increased innovation.


The Norwegian Centre of Circular Economy has its origins in the Øra Industrial Area in Fredrikstad, where many central recycling companies are located. For several decades, the Øra companies have focused on managing resources in a good way and keeping resources in the cycle for as long as possible.

In 2016, the networks Gjenvinning Østfold and Borg Plast-Net, with their 45 member companies, joined forces for a preliminary project to map needs and opportunities for establishing a national centre for circular economy. The Municipality of Fredrikstad and the County Municipality of Østfold supported the project and the establishment of the Norwegian Centre of Circular Economy was a fact.


Chairman of the board: Ingar Skiaker
Deputy chairman: Ole Jørgen Hanssen

Board members:
Thor Øyvind Gøtz Stene
Tor Henrik Svendsen
Alf Egil Jensen
Reija Anneli Santala
Jørn Johnsen

Viken Fylkeskommune by Tore Helge Hansen and Øyvind Michelsen
The Municipality of Fredrikstad by Trond Åge Langvik
Fredrikstad Næringsforening by Kjell Arne Græsdal