NCCE offers counseling and project management!

Circular economy is not a new way of thinking. Companies have practiced this for decades with collaborations on efficient utilization of available resources.

This work needs to be intensified because the potential for lower resource use, increased production efficiency, and better profitability is needed to increase value creation in society.

Broad competence in the network

The center offers a wide range of relevant services to our members, such as counseling and project management through our network of engineers, economists, business developers, and environmental specialists.

The forms of work can be for one company or for several in a community, among companies that see the potential through a collaboration based on product challenges, or in new business areas.


NCCE offers a wide range of lectures, courses, and workshops. Here we meet our members, where they are in the process of creating green value:

Sharing of knowledge – puts the value creation potential in the circular economy for your company on the agenda. The circular economy in Norway, and the potential for circular value creation in its industry.

Mapping – in collaboration with the resource team in the company, where the company's opportunities within the circular economy and the green shift are mapped. Based on the circular economy, we look at

    • Business model
    • Residual products
    • Product design
    • Reuse options
    • Digitization
    • Waste as a resource
    • Collaboration and possibilities in the network

Strategy – is developed based on the possibilities that have been discovered. An example of delivery is a sustainability document for the company.

Other services