“Food Circle” is a business network consisting of 9 companies, aiming to develop innovative technology and circular solutions for a more climate robust and sustainable food production.

The partners are all engaged in projects and activities at “The Magic Factory”The biogas plant recycles food waste and manure into biomethane, biofertilizer (digestate) and biological green CO2. In connection with The Magic Factory there is a pilot greenhouse where climate-friendly tomatoes are grown, utilizing the bio-fertilizer and green CO2 from the plant. Closed circular value chains based on organic waste resources are the foundation of The Magic Factory, to ensure profitable utilization of all outputs.

16 projects

The network is co-funded by Innovasjon Norge and has been operative from April 2020. The support from IN has made it possible to effectuate several innovation projects and market studies, promoting solutions for a more climate friendly and sustainable food production utilizing organic waste resources. Facing global climate changes and political instability, food safety has become an instigator to increase local food production, also in urban areas (urban farming). 16 projects have been effectuated so far, within the following areas:

• Soil and soil improvement products for agriculture, including greenhouses

• New cultivation methods for greenhouses (digeponics)

• Energy recovery and climate control (greenhouses)

• Mushroom production

• Export opportunities

• EU project opportunities

Several of these projects have been followed by larger projects, involving other parties. For example "Removal of plastics in biofertlizer” and a project for establishing a consortium to apply for a EU Horizon project, to improve soil health Soil Deal for Europe is defined as one of Europes five missions. The Soil Deal mission supports the European Green Deal, with the ambition to become a climate neutral continent within 2050.


The partners in the network are:

Contact information:

Ivar Hagemoen, Managing Director, ivar@reklima.no

Tina Wågønes, Managing Director NCCE, tina.wagones@ncce.no