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The Magic Factory (TMF), outside of Tønsberg in Norway, is much more than just a biogas plant. The plant recycles food waste and manure, into biomethane, biofertilizer (digestate) and biological green CO2. In addition, a big variation in activities, partners and projects is what makes up TMF, along with a circular approach. Closed circuits and profitable closed value chains are the foundation of The Magic Factory and ensures utilization of all outputs. Through this, TMF is aiming for reach its goal to become an international pioneer for green carbon capture.

In connection with TMF there is an R&D greenhouse where climate-friendly tomatoes are grown. The tomatoes are produced on bio-fertilizer and green CO2, which is produced when food waste and livestock manure are recycled at the factory.

Food waste that is processed by TMF comes from a large part of Eastern Norway. It contains both industrial food waste and municipal organic waste from approximately 1.2 million inhabitants, more than 20 % of the Norwegian population. The manure is collected at local pig and cattle farms, 35 farms in 2018. This means that Vestfold County has already reached the authorities’ goal of treating 30 % of livestock manure in biogas plants before 2020. The close collaboration with agriculture has contributed to the plant receiving status as a National Pilot Plant.

In 2017 approximately 106.000 tons of food waste and manure was converted into upgraded biogas (>95 % methane) corresponding to 5,1 million liters of diesel fuel. The factory contributes to significant reduction of climate emissions, green growth and value creation in the region. TMF wants to expand and increase its production capacity in line with the ever-increasing need for green growth in the region and the rest of Norway.

Vesar has established a knowledge- and experience center connected to TMF. The center will receive 9000 students every year and provide them with valuable knowledge and understanding of subject areas linked to recycling, source sorting of waste, renewable energy, green economy, etc. During their stay the students will be taken on a tour of the food waste from it entering the plant, through the biogas treatment to the production of new food and the use of bio methane in their school bus.

TMF is a collaborative project between Vesar, Greve Biogass, Lindum that operates and maintain the plant, Air Liquide Skagerak that buys and distributes the bio methane and Reklima that operates the greenhouse and run R&D-projects on environmental recycling of food waste.

Contact: Kaia Ross Lind, Director of Communication, Vesar.

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