EarthresQue is a nationwide project on the management of mass, including contaminated mass and the use of landfills. The aim is to put in place a system to utilize these resources. 

 NMBU is the project owner and leads the project, which consists of 33 project partners from the private, public and municipal sectors. NCCE is a participating partner, together with several of our member companies: FREVAR, Borregaard AS, Borg Havn and Scandi Energy AS. In addition, NORSUS and Viken County Municipality are involved.

EarthresQue is a Center for Research-based Innovation (SFI) funded by the Research Council of Norway. The project will run over 8 years and has been allocated NOK 220 million in support. The center will develop technologies and systems for the sustainable handling and treatment of waste and surplus materials.

- The aim is to make a higher proportion of surplus materials and waste suitable as raw materials in new products, says project manager and NMBU professor Helen French.

The project will look at the economically and environmentally sound management of surplus materials (stone, loose materials, organic matter), e.g. from large infrastructure projects, and masses that have already been landfilled. Today there are little or no incentives or requirements for the reuse or utilization of these masses and negative climate and environmental effects from such projects can be significant. Interpretation of the legislation is strictly related to "recycling" of waste (pollution act §27 and 32). Savings will be distributed between transport and product.

Summer internships and master's theses through EarthresQue

The EarthresQue Center is an interdisciplinary research center involving undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers. All partners in earthresQue are invited to apply as both a client for master's theses and for students in summer internships in 2021. The project management in earthresQue works closely with the partners and the teaching and research environments so that the master's theses will be of the greatest possible use for both the client and the student.

Read here for more information about the project.