MS Donna provides sustainable King Crab to the European market, fresh and frozen. The company plans to build a production line for living King Crab at Tofte. Today, only 60 % of the King Crab is used as a food resource. 40 % is regarded as waste and is dumped into the sea. In order to avoid wasting valuable resources, MS Donna has started a project to investigate how to develop by-products from the King Crab “waste”, expanding their product portfolio and markets. The project is co-funded by IN. Other partners in the project are NOFIMA and resources from the No Waste! network.

MS Donna ser også på muligheten for etablere en sirkulær returordning for krabbeskallet fra restaurantene han leverer varer til, under prosjektnavnet: “Skall, skall ikke». Read more.

Project Manager: Kjell Olav Rugset